The World In One Location

A fully-fledged
Cosmopolitan City

205 is a fully-fledged, world-class destination in West Cairo, bringing forth an unprecedented, innovative urban concept with never-before-seen architecture, landscaping, and design to the city of Sheikh Zayed.

With an immense land area of 205 acres, this project fittingly qualifies as a development of unmatched proportions, exemplifying the true meaning behind a city within a city.

205 caters to the diverse needs and lifestyle choices of its residents, providing them with a suite of amenities and comforts that are unmatched in West Cairo.

This vision was splendidly brought to life, allowing 205 to evolve into one of the most sought-after projects in West Cairo.
It offers all the conveniences and luxuries of downtown life within a scenic suburban lifestyle.
205 reflects 
residents’ needs and aspirations, providing them with a sense of class, exclusivity, and comfort, within an innovative and dynamic development.

You stand right at its center
and see the world.



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